15:00 - 16:45


Anatolii Loi
Head of Business Analysis Department
BMS Consulting
All levels


Anatolii Loi graduated as a IT-system analyst and worked full-stack developer/analyst in Kyiv software company about 14 years.

In 2010 he changed his career as only a business/ system analyst in software projects. For more than nine years, he was involved in developing and implementing application and integration software for medium and large customers in finance, procurement, public bid, government.

Nowadays Anatolii Loi is Head of Business Analysis Department in Ukrainian "IT specialist" company.

He is author and trainer of evening courses “Business analysis in IT projects” nore three years also.

Master-class: Using of templates M++ to improve the quality of the received information

When collecting information, a good analyst cares about its quality, including completeness, truth and sufficiency.
But how to check these qualities of the collected information? How to increase them?

British analysts Jim Arlow and Ila Neustadt suggest using a set of templates developed by them, called M++.
M ++ templates allow you:
- to detect distortion, deletion and generalization of information during communications;
- to propose strategies for additional communication to improve the quality of the received information.

At the workshop you will:

  1. Learn the principles of M++;
  2. Use in practice the templates M++;
  3. Improve your skills in interviewing and knowledge sharing;
  4. Add one more analysis technique to your competencies.