12:00 - 12:45


andriy radich
Head of Product
All levels


Andriy has 20 years of experience in IT. During this period, he was an engineer, a project manager, product owner in outsource, startup founder and product manager. From 2015, he is a Head of Product at YouScan, one of the most innovating and fast-growing Ukrainian product companies.

Andriy is passionate about everything related to building great products and open for new knowledge.

Delivering the value to customers from petabytes of data in social networks with the help of AI is challenging, and the product pricing model plays a significant role in this process. Andrew will be happy to share all his experience in this area.

Speech: Four common mistakes in IT product pricing

There are a lot of ingredients needed to build great products. However, the role of pricing is often undervalued. 

Pricing helps you not just earn more money. It could uncover deeper problems in your business model or product strategy and could lead you to a much better understanding of your customers. 

I was investigating this question for a while and discovered a few common mistakes easy to avoid. We will discuss these mistakes and the suggestions of what to do instead, illustrated by pricing models of well-known products.