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Artem Dramaradskyi
Head of Development
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Artem Dramaradskyi is a Head of Development at Core Partners, Inc. - software development company.
He is an author of competence development programs for IIBA Ukraine Chapter, Ukrainian Catholic University (LITS), ELEKS, SI BIS, Materialise.
More than 20 years ago, he started his career path as a Hardware Development Engineer and System Software Development Engineer for industrial automated control systems.
Later he decided to step aside from software architecture design, programming, hardware development, and entirely switched to work on business solutions. During the last decade, he was working on the most critical projects as a Product Owner, Strategic Business Analyst, Business Architect.
In recent years, he has focused on Business Process Transformation projects for enterprises in different domains: Service Management for Telecommunication, Agribusiness, and Military.
He is a Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®), Certified Scrum Product Owner, and a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP in Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures).

Speech: Creating value through business process change

Let's talk about the value generated by software companies and the value that a business analyst makes. According to the definition, value - is the importance or worth of something for someone.
A software development company can sell "Google-paste" service, and it will be practically worthless. A business analyst who serves as a scribe can be replaced easily as well.
Your services will be valuable if you can document the problem and propose an adequate business solution. Right kind of service, but still not the most valuable.
However, if you can find the revealing problem(s), which went unnoticed for years, ready to provide solution options and able to prove an advantage of the proposed change in terms of money - your service is priceless.
We'll talk about simple yet powerful methods of transforming chaos into systems, pitfalls, bad habits, and life-saving tricks.