14:00 - 14:45


Elena Sviridenko
Product Manager
 Sigma Software 


With 15 years in IT, Elena has extensive hands-on experience in product management and leadership, and being a lifelong learner she strives for shipping impactful products that deliver the first-rate end-to-end user experiences.

Elena has operated in both the B2C and B2B spaces, with the track record of successful products shipped in various domains and targeting various markets worldwide.

Before product management, she worked in the realm of quality assurance, customer support, business analysis, and UX.

On a typical day, you will see Elena rolling up her sleeves to discover and explore opportunities to create value for the business in a way that creates value for the customers, and do whatever it takes to promote and cherish the human-centric culture in the team and organization.

Speech: Outcome-driven product roadmap

Many organizations struggle with roadmaps, finding them difficult to maintain and hardly ever coming true. They say, a roadmap in its first edition barely resembles what they get in the end.

It all misleads into believing that the product roadmap is just some mumbo jumbo that has little in common with real business problems.

Those not given up the fight, experiment with crossbreeds of the roadmap and the release plan. Eventually, they create Frankenstein that is then preferred to be kept out of everyone’s sight, as the only thought of updating it gives a heart attack.

Whether you have already tried the above scenario or you are just about to create your very first roadmap, this session should give you some good food for thought.

Key takeaways:

  • Core characteristics of impactful roadmap
  • Advantages of the outcome-driven roadmap over the solution-based roadmap
  • Suggested format of the outcome-driven product roadmap
  • Designing a roadmap that enables quick alignment of stakeholders and fast re-prioritization