14:00 - 14:45


Josephine Lee
Product Manager


Josephine is a Product Manager at Atlassian leading the Notifications Platform team, working on sending the right notification to users, at the right time and place. Previously, she worked on the Atlassian Home and Jira Server teams. Prior to Atlassian, she has gained diverse experiences through her time as an insights analyst at LinkedIn and various growth roles at startups such as MoneyBrilliant.

Speech: Running healthy teams and projects with the Atlassian Playbook

An age where we’re all racing to build the best experience for our users as fast as possible, A/B testing, beta launches, and iterative development have become part of our day to day product development cycle. But working in "fail fast" environments comes with it’s own set of challenges. Tight deadlines, uncertain scope, and misalignment are just some of the things we must now learn to navigate in this new norm.

Join Atlassian Product Managers Josephine Lee and Isha Mehta as they shares how we use the Atlassian Playbook to ensure we’re running healthy teams and projects. Throughout the talk, we’ll walk through the practices we use to overcome the challenges we face in shipping continuously iterating projects. Learn how to use project kick offs and OKRs to make sure you get alignment across the teams. Utilise DACIs to unblock and expedite decisions. Run Health Monitors and Project Retros to understand your team’s strengths and a plan to address any weak spots.