12:00 - 12:45


Maria Lotsman
Sr. Product Manager/CXO
Netpulse / Okami Technologies


Maria Lotsman is a passionate leader with eight years of experience in digital technology; skilled in business strategy, product development, new business development, and communication. She had the expertise to drive business to deliver a level of customer experience that delights consumers and builds an everlasting relationship with your customers. Previously worked for medical products company to create 3D modeling software (CAD technology). Now Maria is leading discovery workshops to establish trust and continuously bringing the gap between fitness business and technology with Netpulse.

Speech: The Problem-Goal-Solution Trinity

Urgency and value in product development should be a key focus for any business. To make sure you drive value, you need to navigate in a complex changing business environment. And this is pretty tricky, especially now when technology is everchanging. We will talk about how you can work with the requests coming from multiple sources to discover and speed up the delivery of value to end-users. We will focus on understanding the value as a concept, and how it correlates to when that value to be delivered. In this talk, you will see how urgency can minimize or maximize the impact you’re trying to achieve with your product. We will talk about the cost of delay framework and how it can help you to manage demand from multiple stakeholders, prioritize and make better trade-off decisions within the team.