James Dodkins

Target audience

    • Customer Experience Specialists

Required skill

No previous experience needed

Required for participants

Note taking materials

We recommend

Take part in the ACXS training online: https://acxs.kartra.com/page/acxs

Duration 9:00 — 17:00
Break 10:30, 13:00, 15:30
Workshop: Creating Rockstar Customer Experiences

You’ll learn some of the tools and techniquestaught in the world famous Accredited Customer Experience Specialist (ACXS) training and certification program.

  • Customer Centric Category Matrix
  • Successful Customer Outcome Canvas
  • Current State Journey Map
  • Current State CX6 Score
  • Needs Delivery Formula
  • Idea Evaluation & Choice (Return on Experience Investment)
  • New Experience Value Proposition
  • Ideal Journey Creation
  • Future State Journey Map
  • Future State CX6 Score

These steps will help you take a current state experience and transform it into something completely mind blowing!


James used to be an actual, real life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He played guitar in a heavy metal band, released albums and tore up stages all over the world, James uses this unique experience to energize, empower and inspire his clients and their teams as a “Customer Experience Rockstar”.

Not only is James an international keynote speaker, he is also a #1 Best Selling author and host of weekly Amazon Prime’s ‘This Week In CX”

James has been mentioned as one of the world’s top customer experience influencers, been featured in Forbes and is also the founder of customer experience training and coaching company “Rockstar CX”.